Arnold Machinery Company is a full-service material handling equipment and warehouse solutions supplier serving clients in Salt Lake City, Las VegasPhoenixColorado Springs and other areas in the western United States. We offer new and used equipment options to handle all your facility’s needs, all backed by our industry-best Silver Service® guarantee. Our professionals have decades of combined experience delivering cost-effective solutions that maximize storage efficiency and increase operator safety.

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Types of Material Handling Equipment We Offer


Arnold Machinery Company’s comprehensive line of new and used equipment helps operations optimize productivity and minimize traffic congestion across warehouses and distribution centers. Our equipment selection features forklifts, sorters and pickers for indoor operations to pallet trucks and rough terrain equipment for outdoor applications. We partner with some of the world’s most recognized brands to offer you the most advanced material-handling technology, including Hyster and Yale, Drexel and Combilift.

Several examples of the products we offer include:

  • Forklifts: From articulated models to multi-directional lifts to truck-mounted designs, our many forklift options allow you to increase maneuverability and maximize process efficiency.Tow tractors: Tow tractors can pull multiple carriers throughout your facility to ensure streamlined, accurate delivery of materials.
  • Order pickers: Order pickers can increase production by using barcodes or serial numbers to locate items on your racks or shelves.
  • Reach trucks: Reach trucks utilize a smaller turning radius and more compact build than most standard forklifts to maneuver loads in narrow-aisle applications.
  • Electric lifts: Electric-powered lift trucks offer a more eco-friendly alternative by reducing emissions, minimizing noise and requiring less maintenance.
  • Side-loaders: Side-loaders are specialized forklifts that can maneuver sideways through tight spaces to transport larger or heavier loads impractical for a traditional forklift.
  • Rough-terrain forklifts: Rough-terrain forklifts are the perfect outdoor solution for moving materials across hilly, rocky or unstable ground.
  • Turret trucks: Turret trucks use a compact design with a rotating and articulating base to operate in the narrowest spaces.


Warehouse Racking and Shelving Solutions

Choosing the proper storage and racking solutions can significantly affect your operation’s efficiency and bottom line. A practical and efficient racking system ensures quick transport and easy organization throughout your warehouse. At Arnold Machinery Company, our experienced professionals take pride in finding the most effective new and used warehouse solutions to meet your needs, from selective pallet racking and cantilever racking systems to push-back storage and drive-in racking systems.

We offer in-stock systems and customized racking solutions for your operation’s unique needs.

Arnold Machinery Company’s Silver Service® Guarantee

Our Silver Service® guarantee emphasizes our commitment to delivering the highest-quality products and services backed by world-class support. We strive to ensure complete customer satisfaction with each purchase throughout the entire service life of your equipment. Access the expertise, equipment and service you need for years of reliability, durability and high production.

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