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Serving the Western US with the Best Heavy Equipment Customer Service in the Heavy and Industrial Equipment Industry, our Silver Service®

Silver Service

What is Silver Service®?

It’s at the heart of everything we do and a promise we make to each of our customers. Silver Service® means that our sole focus is on doing what’s right for you — as long as it’s ethical. And to this day, it remains our only policy. How can Silver Service® work for you? Learn what makes Silver Service® the best heavy equipment customer service in the industry.

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We Are Where You Are

To best serve our clients, we strategically set up our heavy equipment dealerships and service centers across the Western United States. To learn more about how our products and services can benefit your operation, contact us online, call 801-972-4000 or visit a dealer near you today.

Is Our Silver Service® Really That Good?

We have experienced Silver Service® over several decades. We have had problems solved in a very timely fashion. If we have an issue and some equipment is down, it’s tens of thousands of dollars from our bottom line. They recognize that, not in just word, but in action as well. It’s been a very pleasant experience.
— Mike Whitaker, Owner, Whitaker Construction
We've had a long relationship with Arnold Machinery Company. The reason why I purchase equipment from Arnold Machinery Company is because of their Silver Service® promise. They stand behind their equipment.
— Tommy Fisher, President / CEO, Fisher Sand and Gravel
I’ve been working with Arnold Machinery Company for many years. They’ve always been fair and honest. Silver Service® means a lot to us.
— David Cook, Mine Manager, Glamis-Marigold Mining
Early in our business, we made some errors in the equipment we purchased. Arnold Machinery’s Silver Service® commitment stood by us, took all the machinery back and replaced it with equipment that was needed, which they certainly did not need to do. We’ve always had exceptional service from them and will continue to maintain our relationship with them.
— Scott Crabtree, Business Manager, SMA Solar Technologies
When Arnold Machinery Company first approached me about their Silver Service® promise, I was skeptical. After several years of working with Arnold Machinery Company, they are everything they say they are. Their service is fast, reliable and dependable. If I have a need it’s addressed immediately. I’ve always been taken care of.
— Jon Kenney, Owner, Icon Health & Fitness
We’ve been working with General Implement for at least 60 years in our family. We are confident when they make a commitment to us, we can take it to the bank. Working with Arnold gives us the peace of mind we need. We have the expectation that the product will perform and Arnold Machinery Company will stand behind it.
— Fred Titensor, Owner, Valley Implement