Will Heavy Machinery Go Electric?

Amid concerns about the environment and greater efforts to reduce carbon footprints, many industries are rethinking their approach to business and how their operations impact the planet. Over the last few years, heavy equipment manufacturers have begun moving towards a more sustainable future with new electric alternatives to gas-powered models.

We are exploring the electrification of heavy machinery and the many perks of opting for these newer pieces of equipment.

The Transition to Electric

The last decade or so has been a renaissance for electric cars and trucks. It was only a matter of time before heavy equipment manufacturers jumped on the bandwagon and started producing electric-powered models.

In fact, Global Market Insights projects the market for off-highway equipment will reach a whopping $4.5 billion by 2028. The demand for more environmentally-friendly machinery continues growing with no signs of letting up.

However, the transition to electric heavy equipment models is not without its obstacles. Some of the key challenges associated with switching from gas to electric machinery include the following:

  • Higher upfront costs: Electric equipment is more expensive to manufacture than traditional models, and this creates higher upfront costs that can be a barrier to entry for businesses looking to get in on the electric movement.
  • Availability: Electric heavy machinery is a relatively new advancement. It can be challenging for companies to get their hands on a new model since they’re not as readily available or abundant as diesel-powered equipment.
  • Charging infrastructure: Another common obstacle for businesses is establishing a charging infrastructure that can accommodate new electric equipment.

Despite these minor hurdles, the industry is racing toward electrification, and the transition is just getting started.

7 Reasons Why Heavy Machinery Is Going Electric

Many businesses can benefit from making the switch to electric machinery, especially those in the construction industry. From saving money to boosting operational sustainability, there are many reasons to swap diesel engines for newer technology.

Explore the following incentives and perks of using electric heavy equipment:

1. Meeting ESG Goals

One advantage of utilizing electric machinery is that it aligns your business’s operations with its environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals.

Between lowering your energy consumption and boosting project efficiency, the switch to electric can help businesses harness positive reputations among consumers and investors alike. In fact, one 2023 study shows that 50% of professional investors across the globe plan to spend more on socially responsible investments in the near future.

Upgrading to electric equipment is a sign that your organization is committed to harnessing more sustainable processes and ethical business practices.

2. Lower Operating Costs

One of the greatest expenses for businesses that utilize heavy equipment is fuel. By foregoing some of your diesel-powered machinery and powering your fleet with electricity, you can significantly lower your ongoing operating costs. Electric options also do not idle like a diesel engine, which can save costs.


3. State and Federal Tax Credits

State and federal tax credits are major financial incentives for companies that are interested in utilizing electric heavy equipment instead of traditional options. Your business can save thousands of dollars by taking advantage of these tax breaks.

By offering these special perks, like the Qualified Heavy-Duty Alternative Fuel Vehicle Tax Credit, the United States government aims to make electric machinery accessible and affordable for more businesses. As more people make the switch to electric equipment models, industries such as mining and construction can lower their harmful emissions and exercise more sustainable business practices.

4. Reducing Carbon Emissions

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions should be a priority for all businesses and industries. Using electric machinery is one way to minimize carbon dioxide emissions. When you create a carbon offset, you can sell the credit to other companies.

A great way to help your building operation with carbon credits is to utilize electric-powered construction equipment that can reduce your project’s carbon footprint.

The overarching purpose of carbon credits is to get operations like yours to prioritize reducing their greenhouse gas emissions and receive financial rewards for doing so.

5. Easier Maintenance

Among the many advantages of using electric construction equipment, one of the greatest perks is dealing with fewer maintenance requirements. Unlike diesel-powered machinery that consists of many complex moving parts, electric models are simpler, and their parts do not wear as quickly.

Less wear also means less unplanned downtime and its associated costs. Your operation can save time and money spent on maintenance needs by using electric equipment. The more time your equipment is functioning properly, the more productive your team can be on the job site.

6. Meeting Customer Demand

Consumer attitudes and mindsets are changing. Amid the evolving climate crisis, people have started prioritizing sustainability now more than ever.

By opting for electric rather than gas-powered heavy equipment, your business can do its part to minimize environmental impacts and demonstrate your commitment to greener practices. You can enhance your business’s reputation and inspire customer loyalty by putting the planet first. A 2021 study found that consumers were actually inclined and willing to pay extra for sustainability.

7. Better Equipment

As more manufacturers release electric heavy equipment models, their design is increasingly excelling. Brand-new technologies are helping businesses boost productivity and project efficiency. As electric options become more advanced and better for the environment, they also tend to be quieter and easier to operate.

The next time your company is looking to invest in equipment, you will want to choose models that deliver excellent performance and help you realize a return on investment quickly. Electric equipment can do just that.

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